Lately I have been able to fix my own noob computer problems, but this one has me stumped. I can play Warcraft III once per each reboot of my computer. If I exit the game and wish to play again, I get the error "Please verify that your Warcraft III disc is in your cd-rom drive, then click on 'Retry'. The cd is in. I can browse the contents just fine. I can even spit the cd out and back in, and autoplay comes up. But when I click "Play Warcraft III", I get the error. I've reinstalled War3, and patched again, and still the same problem. I used to use a dvd-rom, so I figured that was the problem, so I swapped it out for a 48x cd-rom, and yet the same problem remains. Upon rebooting, the .exe works fine, and there are absolutely no in-game problems. Stupid things like this piss me off.

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