It appears that some TV shows are starting to use the broadcast flag. He found "Days of my Lives" and "Enterprise" would no longer record with the the ATI AIW 8500DV MMC 8.6. Other shows recorded fine. His older AIW still records all TV shows. A dialog box pops up saying, "This TV show is copy protected". He researched the problem and found other AIW users are having the same problem.
Looks like Hollywood has bypassed the "time-shifting is legal" Betamax court judgement from 1984.


I just downloaded the new Rocksmith demo off of Steam, but for some reason the program isn't recognizing my cable. My pc sees it, and it's listed in the devices section of the Control Panel, but no dice in-game. I bought the cable with the Xbox 360 version; any chance this cable isn't compatible with the pc? I figured the cables for all versions were the same, but I dunno...Any help would be appreciated.

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